About the Company & Management:

The management team of the Global Water Corporation (GWC) is a consortium of experts and professionals from various parts of the globe who are focused and dedicated to offer sustainable solutions to today’s global-water-crisis.

Donn S. Kabiraj is the President & CEO of Global Water Corporation (GWC).

An alumni of Indian Institute of Management (IIM-C), Donn S. Kabiraj was conferred “LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD” – for his contribution to the Bottled Water Industry in India – by UWA and Dr. Rakesh Mohan, Professor of International Economics, Finance & Global Affairs in the Yale School of Management (USA) and also the global adviser to the McKinsey Global Institute, McKinsey and Company.

Donn has been contributing to the water industry for more than 16 years now. He has been instrumental and actively involved in setting up of many regional and multinational bottled-water-brands in several parts of the globe. One of the few ISO (RvA) Certified individuals in Marketing & Sales, Donn was associated with many start-ups and as well as world famous brands in various capacities like General Manager, Head of Strategic Planning, Vice President, Executive Director etc. for various industries including FMCG, Consumer Durable, Plant & Equipment, Information Technologies, Service Industries etc. with brands like Aquafina (PepsiCo), Kinley (Coca-cola), Hello Mineral Water, Tech-long (Sure International-Dubai/China), Himalayan (the most premium brand of Natural Mineral Water from TATA Tea Group), Analance (a Business Intelligence product from Sryas Inc., USA), Fosters (SabMiller breweries) etc.

Our Mission:

To provide innovative-strategy, feasible-solutions & tailor-made services for addressing & solving issues related to the global water crisis in the 21st Century.

What is in it for you:
  We provide inventive and cost effective solutions/mechanisms to resolve clean-water challenges worldwide.
  Consulting & trading of global water including mineral rights for water.
President’s Note:
In the 21st Century water is designated as the Blue-Gold*. Water in this century is what oil was in the last century to the world.
Crisis…..Crisis….& more Crisis!
Now it is the wake-up call for the world and the human-race at large for not to take water (for the purpose of drinking or industrial/commercial or for any other use) for granted. Needs no telling today that not caring or bothering about the catastrophic challenges related to water could actually end up destroying the ecosystem and finally eradicate the last life from the earth.
Water is today the central concern for the humanity which needs to be addressed on a SOS** basis.
**Save Our Souls!
* Resources: Global Policy Forum
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